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The Irish midlands is an area blessed with so many fisheries that it would take a life time to visit let alone fish each one of them, as a local angler who grew up in the area I am trying hard to achieve this goal but the one thing that stands in my path is the natural tendency to keep returning to those fisheries I would class as my favourites. Some of these fisheries are well documented and information on these will appear below.

I have also located some lesser known fisheries, the location of which I will keep secret to preserve the magic of exploring uncharted territory for the more adventurous angler.

For conveniance I will start with those waters close to Cha Flynns Cottage before adventuring further afield:

Lough Mchugh

PikeCha Flynns Cottage actually sits on the banks of one of the areas larger loughs ‘Mchugh’, shore fishing is presently limited along the eastern shore, good road access with car parking area from the northeast, here you will also find a wooded fishing platform/boat launch. I own two fishing boats fitted with outboard motors, which are available to those staying at the cottage. I am also fully aware that many visiting anglers like to have somewhere to fish on their doorstep, with this in mind I have just completed work on a new fishing platform only a short walk away from the cottage, ideal for those early morning or evening sessions. Two people can fish this stand in comfort, with the stand complete my next task is to rack the area and cut back the reeds with the hope of removing roots and forming a snag free passage to the open water. I keep feeding the area which has started to see some reward as the Tench have moved in on the free offerings. The typical depth close in to the platform is ~ 4 foot and is ideal for pole fishing.

PlatformLough Mchugh contains a large concentration of fish including a sizable shoal of bream and some heavy wild tench as well as a good head of quality roach, rudd, perch and pike. The main fishing method used on lough Mchugh is feeder with an average depth of 12 feet at 30-40 yards, pre-baiting is essential as the lough is large and the fish shoals move around in search of food. The waggler and pole also having thier day dependant on fish movement and wind direction which can bring the fish within close range of the banks.

If you are a pike fishing enthusiast who wants to experience some of the best pike fishing in Leitrim, coupled with my Boat & Guiding service, you need not look any further!

Just give me a call or drop me an e-mail for your tailored package.

Lough Cloonfinnan

This is a lough which until recently was rarely fished by visiting anglers, because the water is very shallow the weed growth is prolific. Each year I spend some considerable time ensure at least three swims capable of holding two anglers are raked free of weed. Lough Cloonfinnan was once on my list of secret fisheries, but after a number of very successful sessions and its inclusion in Bernie Murphy’s series of books titled ‘The Complete Guide to Coarse Fisheries in the Irish Midlands’ I now find more visiting anglers are including Cloonfinnan on their list of chosen venues.

The lough is full of tench of all sizes with bonus tench around the 5lb mark, bream shoal up in pockets of deeper water and generally respond to pre-baiting on the night prior to your fishing session. I have released Cloonfinnan from my secret list but I’ll keep the exact location of these deeper pockets to my self for now!

Catching tench in the shallow margins is an experience in itself, once hooked the tench having no depth of water and dart in a horizontal fashion for the weed cover. I would normally fish feeder here on with a gentle 20 – 30 yard cast, the pole in the clear water just beyond the reed line could prove to be very productive.

A Secret Lough

BB MIXI will not give too much away here but the picture on the right was taken following a night session on a little known lough in the local area. Peter Anderson and his son Robert joined me for the night session back in August 2007 it was the first time either of them had experienced night fishing. We raked and pre-baited our swims the evening before in the hope of contacting with those wild Irish bream, as you can see the bream did not show that night but the tench certainly did.

The venue is off the beaten track which means very few people get to fish the water so you need to pick the right conditions, for me if the wind is blowing from the small reed island on your left in to your face you we generally catch bream within 30 yards of the near bank.

If you adventurous this is one venue for you to try. I have recently accquired a 4 x 4 Range Rover and delivering you and your gear to these remote spots will be a pleasure, I hope that I will be able to fish along side you.